R-Cole is a locally owned company dealing with the investment of single family homes in the Memphis area.

We are a real estate investment group and our model is as follows:

  • We procure foreclosed property from various sources and in various
    conditions and do the necessary renovations to bring the property to its
    highest market value potential.
  • We market the properties & obtain buyers, lease purchasers, or renters
    for the property.

  • Our model is unique in that we not only procure the property, but we 
    manage each property with our team consisting of experienced real  
    state agents, credit/ repair counselors, real estate legal advisor/closing
    attorney, tax preparation service personnel, people that understand the
    “ins and outs” of the government “first time home buyer program”
Enhancing Memphis Home Ownership
one house at a time
5836 Stage Road
Bartlett, TN  38134
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